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Enzymes are biological catalysts. Its consists of various types of proteins that work to drive the chemical reaction required for a specific action or nutrient. Enzymes can either launch a reaction or speed it up. The chemicals that are transformed with the help of enzymes are called substrates. In the absence of enzymes, these chemicals are called reactants.

Categories of Enzymes

Metabolic Enzymes; which are produced within the body, responsible for running the body at the level of the blood, tissues and organs

Digestive Enzymes; which the body produces also, digestion of food and the absorption and delivery of nutrients throughout the body.

Food enzymes; derived solely from raw fruits, vegetables, and supplemental sources.


1. For Human Health Care

2. For Animal Healthcare

3. For Industrial Uses

4. For Alcohol & Beverages

Enzyme Products Enzyme Activity Type
Nattokinase 1000FU NSK –SD 1000FU Powder
Phytase 100FTU 100FTU Powder
Pectinase 1000PU 1000PU Powder
Catalase 1000IU 1000IU Powder
Papain 100TU 100TU Powder
Protease 16000HUT 16000 HUT Powder
Protease 90,000HUT 90,000HUT Powder
Bromelain – 96 GDU 96 GDU Powder
Cellulase 1000 CU 1000 CU Powder
Serratiopeptidase 1000 IU 1000 IU Powder
Fungal Diastase 1:1200 0.875 Powder
Fungal Diastase 1:2000 1.430555556 Powder
Fungal Diastase 1:3000 2.125 Powder
Fungal Diastase 1:5000 3.513888889 Powder
Amylase 29700 DU 29700 DU Powder
Malt Diastase 100MAU Powder
Glucoamylase 100 AG 100 AG Powder
Glucoamylase 25AG 100 AG Powder
Betaglucanase 120 BGU 120 BGU Powder
Lipase 1000 FCCFIP 1000 FCCFIP Powder
Xylanase 1100 XU 1100 XU Powder
Hemmicellulase 60 HCU 60 HCU Powder
Invertase 10 INVU 10 INVU Powder
Lactase 9,500 ALU 9,500 ALU Powder
Maltase 350 DP 350 DP Powder
Alpha-galactosidase 250 250GALU Powder
Ficin 175TU Powder